Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Big Data Inflection Point

NetApp has offered Big Data Solutions since May of 2011.  We offer a portfolio of 10 solutions that address the major use cases of Big Data.   These solutions are based on both our storage platforms: FAS with Clustered Data ONTAP and E-Series with Santricity.

The Big Data market is loud and confusing.  In fact Big Data was named the most confusing term in IT this year surpassing Cloud which is now number 2.  Most of this confusion is the result of the fact that no two cases of Big Data are alike.  Additionally there are new technologies like Hadoop and it’s ecosystem of tools and applications that are causing a disruption to analytic technologies resulting a many innovations and considerable VC investment in start-up companies.

Big Data has captured the imagination of many enterprises as documented success stories point to new ways of doing business that change the game and result in considerable competitive advantage or significantly better business outcomes.

NetApp has a credible seat at any customer discussion about Big Data by way of our considerable experience in managing data at scale.  Our largest customer has over an Exabyte of data and we have hundreds of customers with over ten petabytes.  Many of the storage efficiency innovations that NetApp has lead such as deduplication and thin provisioning have lead to contemplation of “keep forever” data strategies.  The “delete key” is no longer the answer to Big Data.

What makes Big Data different is that customers reach an inflection point where they can no longer continue to what they did yesterday but just a little more.  Indeed they must fundamentally rethink their data storage strategies.   It is at that inflection point where without deployment of new approaches and technologies data growth and Big Data can become a liability or with the right approach become a propellant to the business.

It is at this inflection point that NetApp can be your trusted partner to help customers use Big Data to grow their businesses efficiently and flexibly. 

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