Sunday, June 28, 2009

Social Media Content Creation and Dissemination Work Flow

As social media tools evolve and I become more experienced in what works and doesn’t, the proliferation of social networks has created a need to seriously think through my use of the tools and how they fit into my content creation and dissemination process.

Steve Rubel has recently shared his content creation and dissemination process in this post.

I started using Posterous after Steve explained how it created a hybrid between real-time Tweets and slower cycle analytical blog posts. Adding Posterous to my toolset immediately got me into trouble with multiple posts from duplicate services feeding FB, Twitter, etc. so I had to layout the information flow and decide which service should feed which network just as Steve shows in the graphic above.

All this suggests we are reaching the point in the evolution of the tools and the experience of the users that would enable the creation of a platform to manage content creation and dissemination and make the process much simpler.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On-line Media Report From Nielson - Video Exceeds eMail

From Nielson’s Global On-line Media Report. The Audience for video has increased 339% since 2003 and exceeds the email audience beginning in November 2007.

Social Networking is increasing steadily and now exceeds web-based e-mail usage. Social media is changing the way brands are marketed.

“the world’s leading marketers are realizing that at the heart of the social media movement lies a method to transform the manner in which brands communicate with their consumers.”

Highlights of the report regarding the two fastest growing subcategories -- online video and social networks – include:

  • The number of American users frequenting online video destinations has climbed 339 percent since 2003.
  • Time spent on video sites has shot up almost 2,000 percent over the same period.
  • In the last year alone, unique viewers of online video grew 10 percent, the number of streams grew 41 percent, the streams per user grew 27 percent and the total minutes engaged with online video grew 71 percent.
  • There are 87 percent more online social media users now than in 2003, with 883 percent more time devoted to those sites.
  • In the last year alone, time spent on social networking sites has surged 73 percent.
  • In February, social network usage exceeded Web-based e-mail usage for the first time.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Posterous - The Hybrid Platform?

I recently found Posterous while reading Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion. In that post he explains how Posterous is changing how he thinks about blogging. Posterous provides a hybrid between the immediacy of Twitter and the longer cycle required to create a well thought out post.

You can easily link it to your other social media networks like Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Facebook and also have it post to your blog. All this is accomplished through email. You can control which posts are published to which networks by where you send the email.

I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient and if I can send a single email that updates my blog, puts my pictures in Flickr, posts to Twitter and Facebook and is this easy to use then that’s a good thing.

Posterous may well become my hybrid platform.

Richard Treadway

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Goodbye Laptop, Hello iPhone.

Dinning alfresco in Tuscany
Taken with my iPhone

We just got back from 2 weeks vacation in Italy. Being a high tech marketing consultant I've always had my laptop on trips, so this trip to Italy was no exception. I lugged the thing through airports and train stations and I didn't use it once. So finally it's abundantly clear to me that all I need is my iPhone. It fits in my pocket and it does everything.

I used it to read about historical monuments, convert currency, check the weather, locate services, get directions, take and show pictures, play music, tweet, text, read and send e-mail, check news and markets, follow the Giro, translate English to Italian, oh and also make phone calls. It's really is true that whatever life throws at you "there's an app for that."

The one thing that's a painfully missing function is "cut & paste" and now finally the new release of the iPhone will have it.

Goodbye Laptop, Hello iPhone.