Monday, April 20, 2009

Problems with Twitter Search

Last night as I was watching the Sharks game and conversing with the Sharks faithful on Twitter when I noticed Twitter search didn't provide any updates on the #Sharks hashtag for over two hours between 19:48 and 22:51. When it did start updating all the tweets that I made in the two hour window that included #Sharks didn't show-up in the results.

Anyone had similar problems? Know what's going on?

Here are screen shots that show the sequence.


Matt Reitz said...

Thats been a problem that I've been running into when I'm doing the same thing during hockey games. Seems like it usually happens towards the end of games.

Just to let ya know, I'm not sure its a twitter thing though-- I was having problems with TweetDeck updates. When I looked up twitter on the web, I saw quite a few updates that hadn't made their way to my TweetDeck search.

Richard Treadway said...

Thanks for the comment from the CheapSeats :-) There may well be a problem with TweetDeck although at the time I checked Twitter Search on the web and go the same missing results.

Richard Taylor said...

Twitter has always struggled with service glitches. Googling "twitter outage" shows problems in May 2007, January 2008, April 2008, February 2009, May 2008, and that is just the first 5 entries. In fact, given their continuing problems, it amazes me is the way that people stuck with the service, and no one has launched a more stable competitor.