Thursday, January 08, 2009

Looking Forward to 2009 with Curl

While 2008 was a break out year for RIA technologies we expect 2009 to be even more exciting. It was good to see the recognition that Ryan Stewart gave Curl in his recent ZDnet post Looking Ahead to 2009. Thanks Ryan.

Over the last year we have considerably raised the visibility of Curl as the Enterprise RIA platform. We have grown our customer base to over 400. In 2009 we plan to continue to document the customer use cases to help highlight the bottom line business benefits of RIA adoption.

Over 2008 we made numerous releases and continued to deliver on our strategy build out our open source offering with
the WSDK (March 2008) and the CDK (July 2009). We also introduced our Version 7 beta release code named Nitro that significantly improves the ease of installation for off-line desktop applications. Finally we added Eclipse support with the release of the CDE. All in all it was a very busy and productive year.

Already 2009 has started with a bang as we released the CDK-DS which have gotten considerable visibility. With the CDK-DS Curl now has and end to end story for data intensive applications. Next up will be the release of version 7.

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