Monday, August 25, 2008

WOA vs SOA Driven by RIA

Now that's a mouth full of acronyms that 2 years ago no one would have had a clue about. But as movements go Web2.0 technologies continue to penetrate the enterprise and the old stodgy SOA is increasingly taking a back seat to WOA. As Joe McKendrick of ZDnet points out WOA wins the popularity contest hands down.

At Curl we see this phenomenon first hand. Many of our customers are enterprises that have SOA initiatives and see Curl as the RIA for SOA. We continue to enjoy our position as "The Enterprise RIA" which links us directly to SOA.

But 2008 is proving to be the inflection year for Web2.0 enterprise adoption and increasingly RIA is leading the way. Jeffrey Hammond of Forrester has commented numerous time on how the Gen Yers are driving adoption of more dynamic web applications. Coming from academia to the enterprise you can't be satisfied with boring, clunky old corporate applications when all the tools you used at school offered a compelling dynamic user experience.

At Curl we observe WOA popularity is largely driven by RIA. Increasingly we are finding enterprises are being forced to address application usability and seriously considering RIA implementations.

From The Desk
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