Thursday, September 27, 2007

RIA Spectrum

With the release of the Technology Study we commissioned from Sonata it is now clear that there is a spectrum of RIA technologies that serve the diverse needs of Internet applications. These needs define a spectrum from simple B2C interfaces to the more complex highly visual interfaces of real-time dashboards.

We have created the following graphic to position the RIA technologies along a spectrum from B2C to B2E and B2B.


From the moment I first heard of Curl it was clear to me that it was uniquely suited for the demanding enterprise applications. But all our evidence was anecdotal. Now with the release of the Sonata report we have actual numbers to support that positioning.

We have been working with Jeffrey Hammond at Forrester to validate this positioning. It was good to see Jeffrey's comments in the Redmond Developer News article by John Waters.

"“Curl has positioned itself exclusively for enterprise organizations, and mainly for business-to-business apps… the Curl platform stacks up well against the competition”
Additionally we have been working with Ryan Stewart, RIA blogger at ZDnet to help educate the market on the Benefits of RIAs. We gave Ryan a preview of the Sonata report which he highlighted in this post.

One of the more interesting findings of the report the trade-off between the size of the run time environment and the size of the application download. The flowing graphs show the RTE sizes and application sizes.


While Ajax has no RTE it ncurs a heavy penalty with the largest application size. At the other end of the spectrum Curl's runtime is the largest at almost 8MB but using pCurl compression it has the smallest application size by a wide margin.

From The Desk
From the Desk

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