Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Say One Simple Thing - Repeat

Car with 4 Steering Wheels

I've just concluded a prolonged engagement at Kabira as their Interim VP of Marketing. The project involved a deep dive into the world of high performance transaction processing. Miles away from my previous engagement with the ill fated PubSub and the blogosphere.

There is non-the-less a learning I take from both projects. That is that your marketing message must SAY ONE SIMPLE THING. While we marketers of high tech software know this to be true in practice it's not that easy. Especially if the software you develop has thousands of applications.

I have focused my marketing consultancy of helping companies find that simple positioning.

Many times this involves convincing the engineers to simplify their product from the car with the 4 steering wheels into something easier to drive. This is often hard as it means giving up some of the capabilities.

From The Desk
From the Desk

Richard Treadway

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