Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Software 2006

Pundit Panel
Pundit Panel at Software 2006

I'm attending the Software 2006 conference in Santa Clara for the next 2 days. MR Rangaswami puts together this conference annually to discuss the state of the enterprise software business.

This morning Ray Lane gave his annual view of the software industry. Nothing new here but Ray always has some good insights. Some key points from Ray. Successful software companies have three attributes.

  1. Low resistance to value (Clear value, immediately recognized with decision to start as a no brainer)
  2. Viral TCO (customers pay after value is created to further viral adoption)
  3. Viral Installability (one button install to be up and running)

Viral is what it's all about.

Unfortunately the conference has turned into a forum for Indian outsourcing. There maybe some Indian outsourcing companies that aren't here but I wouldn't know them.

This afternoon we suffered through 2 shameless corporate pitches by Dave DeWalt, President of EMC Software and Thomas Kurian, SVP of Middleware at Oracle. I've never heard someone use more words to say nothing.

More tomorrow.

From The Desk
From the Desk

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