Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lost in Time On A Horse With Two Wheels

Cowboy Country From the Bike
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I took a great ride in the back roads of Hollister today with my son Jon. Just like San Juan Batista this area is lost in time. Cattle farms that have changed very little since the late 1800s dot the landscape as cows graze peacefully. This must be where they film the "Happy Cows" cheese commercials. I think if I were a cow this would be the place to be.

When I look out at the undeveloped land I'm taken back to a time when we'd be riding horses not bicycles.

Into The Hills

Old Barn

Here are the other pictures I took on the ride.

The day was perfect and the temperature was cooling in the mid 50s. The hills are all golden this time of year and made for a real contrast to my rides last week in New Hampshire.

Here is a part of the route.

Jon and I made a plan to do this ride again in the Spring when all these hills will be emerald green. Earlier this week a major bicycle race, the Tour of California will go through this area in February. That should be a perfect time to highlight the beauty of the region.

I'm looking forward to it.

From the Bike
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Richard Treadway

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